The John R. Justice Application Process

Please follow the steps below to submit your application for the 2017 State of Wyoming John R Justice Student Loan Repayment Program. 

  1. Complete/sign/scan/save the FY 2017 Application.
  2. Complete/sign/scan/save the Employment Verification form (the bottom portion will need to be filled out by your employer).
  3. Complete/sign/scan/save a Loan Verification Form for EACH of the loans included on your application. Along with this form you will need to include a recent account statement with the following information (if the account statement does not contain all the required information, the applicant may write it on the account statement; a promissory note will be required in the event that account statement provided lacks sufficient information to determine loan is eligible).
    • Name of Lender
    • Address of Lender
    • Account Number
    • Type of Loan (Federal Direct, etc.)
    • Outstanding Balance
    • Type of Repayment Plan
    • Loan Status (current, deferral, etc.)
  4. Complete/sign/scan/save ONE of the (appropriate) Service Agreement forms (described and found below).
  5. Scan/save a copy of your 2016 Federal tax return (and spouse's, if applicable).
  6. Submit all documents required (steps 1-5) as PDF documents, via email to

The application deadline date is May 30th, 2018.  Please have your completed application information sent to our office no later than 12:00 PM.